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Alabama Food BloggersAlabama Food Bloggers was founded in 2015 as a way for food bloggers to connect, network and find resources to expand their blogging knowledge. The Alabama Food Bloggers strives to build a community for food bloggers of all kinds to come together to learn, share and get to know about the restaurant offerings within other regions of the state.

The Goals of Alabama Food Bloggers

At Alabama Food Bloggers, we’d like to think of ourselves as the melting pot for Alabama food bloggers and brands to meet, learn and grow together.
Our aim is to provide bloggers…

  • A home away from their blog
  • Practical resources to improve different aspects of their blog
  • The chance to work with brands that understand & value blogger influence

What members can expect

  • As the designated ambassador from your city, you will have the opportunity to attend events as a representative of the AFBS.
  • Blogging resources on a number of topics including writing, recipe development, food photography, social media, monetizing your blog, technology platforms and much more
  • Be presented with opportunities to work with popular brands.
  • The opportunity to become a featured blogger.
  • The chance to connect with designated Alabama Food Bloggers ambassadors from other major Alabama food cities.